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Welcome to our website of Neva masquerade cats cattery


Our cattery is engaged in breeding of Siberian color-point cats. This original color of Siberian cat was officially

registered under the name "Neva Masquerade ".

Beautiful, gorgeous, smart, stopping on views and admired cat with breathtaking blue eyes charming the eye - it's

ALL you can say about the Neva masquerade fancy cat. Cats of this breed are smart, dedicated, powerful animals

with excellent Siberian health and life expectancy.

Our cattery is still young. We are located in Moscow, Russia. In 2005, we had the Neva Masquerade cat -

Keniya Nenaglyadnaya krasota. In 2007, Keniya had been obtained from the first litter, and from this time our

history was began.

Two cats were kept from the first litters in cattery -Asya Indigo Eyes and Alisa Indigo Eyes.

The cat Anita was bought by Tatiana Ivanova and became a breeding cat of cattery "Indigo Line".

In 2008, our cattery was registered in WCF (080195.77).

The head of the cattery Nataliya Yudina completed felinology courses at the club "Felice" and was certified as

instructor - felinologist. Cattery is a member of FC "Yashma" (WCF).

At the present time Felicia Indigo Eyes is in our cattery.

You can meet her on the page "Cats."

The aim of our cattery is getting healthy, beautiful animals with obliging and affectionate nature.

Our cats and kittens live as members of our family and accustomed our love and care from childhood.

We invite you to visit the pages of our website and get acquainted with our cats and kittens and choose a loyal,

loving and well brought up friend.

Our contacts - Nataliya Yudina
Phone:+7 (495) 422 63 47; 8 (916) 605 92 43

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